"Democratizing the production making is
the modern literacy."
"A real tool,not a toy"
“Allow peers to create for other peers."
Kast enables prototyping and making products the same thing, on everyone's desktop. It's an honor to make it cometrue.We are fascinated to join the revolution makes the age of people go design everything everywhere and produce everything everywhere, this is the age to release the energy of making things, the democracy of products.”
Nirvana Jay - - Founder of KAST
  • About Nirvana Jay

    Maker, Activist in geek circle, Founder of experimental education project One-Kilo-Electronics, held a maths degree and has a broad interest in philosophy, sociology and anthropology. He is currently working on the 3D printer project applying SLA technology.

    Geeks are usually people who enter a certain area at a very early stage, so they have more capacity and time to consider problems other than technology, such as the technology’s impact on people and society, in which approach should we apply the technology to influence the society.

  • How did you get into the business of 3D printing?
    Actually I wasn’t optimistic about the technology of 3D printing two years ago, but I have friends around me who was interested in this technology, so I started to think about what is going to happen to this technology. A traditional desktop 3D printer is made with a motor and a printhead, the object is shaped from a point to a plain, which makes the speed of printing very slow. When I talked with my friends about this technology, we all agree that it should not be the way how 3D printers work, if we can layer plains directly, it will make the printing process way faster, this can be achieved by SLA光固化. After a month’s research and discussion with my friend, we think this design is feasible, so we started to build 3D printers of our own.

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